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Diabetes Home Care Products

Blood glucose Monitors – Allow people to check their own blood sugars in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

Diabetic test strips – Thin, one-time use, pieces of plastic that are placed into a meter to read your blood glucose levels. Blood can be either dropped onto a test strip or drawn into one, depending on the type.

Diabetic lancets – Used to puncture the finger to extract blood for testing. Individuals can use the lancets alone or use a lancing device (along with the lancet) to get a blood sample.

Diabetic shoes – Shoes designed with moldable insoles to reduce the development of ulcers and sores that lead to serious foot problems.

Diabetic socks – Socks designed to reduce pressure on swollen feet, ankles, and sensitive legs by minimize constriction. They use a special non-compressing material combining cotton and wool along with synthetics.

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